InterTrader CFD Broker Review 82

InterTrader prides itself on offering its clients 100% market-neutral trade execution. Its platform offer seems decent as well, and its trading conditions are not bad either. With all that, the operation has developed something of a toxic reputation online. What is driving the client backlash? Why isn’t InterTrader all it could/should be? Let us take a closer a look.


InterTrader’s corporate background is made pretty clear at its official site and it is a little peculiar. InterTrader Ltd. is a member of the GVC Group. GVC is an international gaming and sports betting group and as such, its involvement in financial services raises a few questions. To provide an idea of what GVC do: they operate PartyPoker, Bwin and Sporting Bet, in addition to a number of other online gambling brands. While the stability of the operation cannot be questioned (it is indeed one of the world’s biggest listed online gaming companies), it is at least a little peculiar that an online gambling operation would run a brokerage, while claiming a 100% market-neutral stance.

InterTrader’s gambling roots are reflected in the regulatory status of the brokerage too: while registered with the UK’s FCA (under reg. number: 597312), the operation is regulated and licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Client’s monies are protected by the Gibraltar Investor Compensation Scheme.

The GFSC is apparently an authority modeled on the FCA, with added “flexibility”, which would explain why the GVC Group opted to have its financial service provider branch regulated by it.

On the good side though, the broker offers spread betting (with the appropriate tax benefits), CFD and Forex. It offers a volume rebate to those who meet the requirements and its spread-betting costs are surprisingly attractive.

The Web-based trading platform, as well as the MT4 platform featured by the broker, offer no dealing desk execution, there’s a great education section and equally effective customer support. The liquidity offered by the brokerage is high for big- as well as small trades.

Account Types

The brokerage features 4 account types, defined by the trading instruments their holders opt for. Thus, they have a demo account – which gives all comers the opportunity to give the trading platform and the trading conditions a test-run, a Spread Betting account- which is currently only available to UK residents, a CFD account, and a Forex account. The trading conditions are indeed quite attractive across the accounts spectrum, with spreads on the EUR/USD starting from as little as 0.6 pips.

Trading Platform/Software

As said above, InterTrader offers two basic platform choices: a Web Trader and MT4.

The Web Trader carries the usual advantages of no-download platforms: it can be accessed at a click from just about anywhere, and – given its nature – it is surprisingly powerful charting- and analysis-wise. It offers no dealing desk spread betting and CFD trading, positive slippage and advanced charting options.

MT4 hardly needs an introduction for anyone who’s ever had a brush with online trading. The platform is the best and most complete trading tools-wise, and its most popular feature, the Expert Advisor one, offers almost infinite possibilities to those who know how to put it to use properly. Indeed, at InterTrader, the EA feature is very much alive and available.

The software can be downloaded for free, directly off the InterTrader website. It is available for free Demo Accounts, the same way the Web Trader is.

In addition to the above-said two trading platforms, InterTrader offers a suite of mobile trading platforms too, which cover Android- as well as iOS-based mobile devices.

Deposit Options

Deposits at InterTrader can be handled via bank transfer, which sends the money directly into the bank account of the operator, via card (DataCash and AlgoCharge), or via Skrill.


InterTrader’s tradable asset selection is indeed very impressive, Spread Betting as well as CFD-wise. A massive range of currency pairs, indices, bonds, commodities, and shares can be traded, not to mention futures and rolling daily products. A full listing of the trading conditions associated with every single one of the said assets can be found at the official InterTrader site. Cryptocurrencies are among the tradable assets.

Customer Support

The InterTrader support staff can be contacted via live chat, email and phone. There’s a handy call-back feature on the “contact us” page as well.


The regulatory status of the operation is ok, but could be better. Its reputation, on the other hand, is rather ruined. Take that into account before making your deposit.

Final Thoughts

On the surface, InterTrader looks like a decent trading destination. Try as hard as he/she might, one simply cannot look past the avalanche of negative feedback that’s out there concerning the services of the operator though.


  • MT4
  • Good trading conditions
  • Great market coverage


  • Toxic trader feedback
  • Not the most clear regulation
Intertrader Overview
Regulation: FCA, GFSC
Assets offered: Cryptocurrency, spread betting
Minimum Deposit: No Minimum Deposit
Deposit Options